Several years ago, while watching the Eurovision Song Contest, Lezley decided to make a long overdue move into recording work. With the Eurovision still in mind (you never know, one day...) she decided to come up with a different name for her recording work (like 1 stage name wasn't confusing enough, eh?) and decided on 'Galesa', which is Castellano (Spanish) for 'Welsh Girl'.

Having the ability to record from home has meant that Lezley has been able to record a LOT of cover versions of songs as demos and one day, after posting some of them online, one of those songs was heard by dance music producer Clubboholic. He approached Lezley (Galesa) with the backing music and lyrics for a song that he had had several singers attempt, but Lezley's version, with her melody, was chosen to be the one to use on his track. The song was released worldwide and is featured on a number of 'Dance' compilation albums. Despite having yet to meet, the wonders of the internet has meant that they still touch base and occassionally work on other projects.


More recently, Lezley took part in the choir that featured on Iceland's 2021 Eurovision entry, '10 Years'. This was an exciting project to be a part of, following Daði Freyr's Tweet asking followers if they wanted to take part. Being a fan of both Daði and Eurovision, Lezley jumped at the opportunity and was so incredibly excited for the 2021 contest. Though the choir weren't there onstage (though to be fair, thanks to Covid, sadly even Daði & Gagnamagnið weren't onstage on the night. Thank goodness they were allowed to use the recording of the rehearsal), their pre recorded vocals were featured on both the competition performance and on the official release of the song. Oh and the song came 4th!