During the strange year that was 2020, a lot of people found themselves reevaluating their careers and with the extra addition of her 2nd child during this time, Lezley was no different. For many years Lezley has wanted to start a career in radio work, but never managed to get around to doing anything about it. This led to her 1st ever New Years Resolution, or 3 of them, in fact and made very publicly so that she actually did it. 

RESOLUTION 1 "I want to work towards a career in radio"

RESOLUTION 2 "I want to work with Dadi Freyr"

RESOLUTION 3 "I want to get involved in the Eurovision Song Contest"

Well, for 2 & 3, you can read how she got on with those on the 'RECORDING ARTIST' page, but for number 1, step 1 was to find out if she actually has what it takes. To prove it either way to herself and to create 'demos' for radio stations, she started creating podcasts. Treated in very much the same way as many radio shows in respect of songs & chit chat, without the hefty bill of acquiring the appropriate licences, she plays her own cover versions of songs. Does she have what it takes? Well not only does she have subscribers worldwide, but the BBC Producer for The Eurovision Song Contest, Lee Smithurst, shared her Eurovision Special on Twitter saying "Great Eurovision podcast for anyone who wants a warm up for the main event!". What an endorsement.

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Lezley has also appeared as a guest on other peoples podcasts, including this one...